STRESS, ANXIETY & DEPRESSION                                                                                You may be experiencing different degrees of stress, anxiety or depression. You have managed to cope and get by but you may benefit from some added support. We offer more than just a listening ear.  We can help you build new and more powerful alternatives for managing.  The counselling approaches, skills and techniques used will be chosen in consultation with you. 

CBT & CPT are two powerful approaches to getting deeper into the layers of anxiety and depression and helping you break the cycle. They both take time and require that dreaded ‘home-work’ but are so worthwhile because…once you’ve got it & use it.. lasting change can truly begin.

A complimentary medicine technique in which clients learn to control bodily functions ,such as heart rate, by using the mind. Clients are connected to electrical sensors that mea- sure, receive and provide feedback. In turn clients are taught techniques to initiate subtle changes within the body that can: illicit the relaxation response which is known to ease pain, calm the mind and body and help create clarity and focus.

Blended Family Issues; Extended Family Issues Aging Parents

Parenting Kids & Teens; Mom’s House-Dad’s House; Parenting adult children & The ‘Sandwich Generation’ responsibilities between caring for offspring and aging parents; Parenting the child/teen or young adult with disability(s).

MARITAL OR RELATIONSHIP CHALLENGES                                                                The approach to be used is as unique as the relationship that you are in. Many clients respond well to the incorporation of a solution focused approach because situated between the two of you is an issue that is problem that you are wanting to resolve. When it seems appropriate, advancements can be made with use of emotional focused therapy techniques. It is a powerful way to help you both better understand and communicate with one another.