For diabetes educators

As a Clinical Social Worker, Certified Diabetes Educator, with a Masters in Adult Education and 15+ years direct counselling practice, I offer the following services for Diabetes Educators and other health care or para health care professionals:


For those Diabetes Educators who are dealing with challenging bio-psycho-social patient teaching situations including working with whole family systems or other patient specific environmental factors.

I support you.

Give me the facts, a brief history and your insights, and I can offer you clinical insight from the Certified Diabetes Educator Medical Social Work perspective as well as recommendations and possible triage protocols.

I provide direct patient consultation.

Face-to-face or over the phone, I follow-up with you and any other members of your team as you wish.



Face to face or via teleconference I help members of patient Diabetes Education and primary health care team as well as patient family members to create new insights and possibilities for change toward improvement of self-care. I do this by

  1. Applying motivational interviewing techniques directly to your teaching experiences
  2. Integrating life stages and transitional development considerations into your action plan
  3. Capitalizing on patient resiliency either in adult or youth form


I offer workshops as requested by you or other members of your team.

Theoretical, Practical and Experiential

1.5-hour half-day full-day

Guest Speaking / Presentations

I am an insightful, thought-provoking and entertaining guest speaker or presenter. Duration negotiable.

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